New Ad Package Introduced

We have Introduced  AD Package Section where all Free as well as Paid members can promote their 

websites/blogs in our website. Cost of Ad package For Free Members is 0.02 btc & Paid Members

can buy Ad Package at 0.01 btc. You will get  

500  website credit(s)
100  banner credit(s)
100 text ads credit(s)
50   login ads credit(s

How To Buy Ad Package :-

First You need to Fund Your Account by 0.02 btc  (Free Members ) 0.01 btc (Paid Members)

Then Go To Manage Ad & Click Buy Ad Package  send the payment 

Then Go to My Website and add your website url , banner ur ,text ad

and login ad .. when ever our members surf ads your website will be displaed 

for 15 sec ..


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Members Text Ads
Username Amount
LifeFire ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
suj85 ฿0.0010
william82 ฿0.0160
william82 ฿0.0080
btc71 ฿0.0080
Username Amount
likuayang ฿0.00100000
Selina5 ฿0.00100000
btc71 ฿0.00300000
william82 ฿0.00700000
saby4 ฿0.00100000
kashi16 ฿0.00100000
kashi1 ฿0.00100000
monita ฿0.00100000
Kedar ฿0.01500000
Philip1 ฿0.00100000
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Latest News
How Single Line Matrix Works :

Everyone Joins by paying some amount and gets a position in the line . Now After every 4 new joinings in the company first persons cycled out to next level and others move forward. Like wise the system continuous.

Now if new persons did not join, so members next in line will not get cycled out & system comes to halt.

So its very important that we all must share the system in facebook, google, whatsapp,instagram, & other cla... 2017-08-12

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