How Single Line Matrix Works :

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Everyone Joins by paying some amount and gets a position in the line . Now After every 4 new joinings in the company first persons cycled out to next level and others move forward. Like wise the system continuous. 

Now if new persons did not join, so members next in line will not get cycled out & system comes to halt.

So its very important that we all must share the system in facebook, google, whatsapp,instagram, & other classified sites to bring new persons into the system.

We have more than 1500 + members here in MAP if we all bring at least 2 persons there will be 3000 new ids in the system & since we have now made repurchase compulsory so 750 more ids will be enetered from 3000 new joinings ..

This will not only gives cycling income to all members but also move system fast.

We have made so many changes so as to make the system LIVE but without members effort It will not be possible.

Many of the sites has become scam & Admin ran away with the money but here we are always thinking on how to improve our system .

Mind it our domain name is taken for 2 years & we will be trying our our best to keep matrixautopool LIVE

I also ask suggestion for members on how to improve the system and bring more & more persons to our system.

Our plan is the best We are giving Level Incomes up to 3 down lines in Plan 3 & Plan 4 , Referral Income in Plan 2 & re purchase made compulsory in Plan 1 (No referral Income in Plan 1)

You can imagine that with just 1900 position Admin Id is in Phase 6 Which never happens in any other matrix .

Our system need very less ids as compared to others Our cycling has re entries in same phase which others can;t afford, thus members earn more again & again.

Pls share Matrixautopool in social media in your countries

We have members from More than 29 countries so potential is much more Only problem is our lack of sharing.

Bitcoin is rising daily Its has crossed more than $3600 so in near future if you just receive 0.002 btc it will also be a good amount.

I hope all members will understand my feelings.