"Looking for a Straight Line Cycler that will increase your Earning Potential !"


 World’s First Cheapest Auto Filled Forced

Straight Line Cycler

We Have 4 Plans :

Matrix Plan 1 (4x1): Join With 0.001 Btc One Time and Earn 1 Btc Again & Again. 4 Direct referrals are compulsory  to get  income from phase 5  onwards. Get  10 Entries in Plan 2 After completion of cycle .

Matrix Plan 2 (3x1): Join With 0.02 Btc & Get 0.10 Btc + 20 Entries in Phase 0 in Plan 1 And One (01) Entry in Plan 3 After completion of cycle .

Matrix Plan 3 (2x4): Join With 0.04 Btc & Get 0.12 Btc + One (01) Entry in  Booster Plan 4 After completion of cycle 

Matrix Booster Plan 4 (1x3): Join With 0.06 Btc & Earn 0.12 Btc + Get 10 Entries in Phase 0 in Plan 1, One (01) Entry is placed in Plan 2 with Auto Referrals.

How It Works:

Purchase a position in our Matrix by just 0.001 Btc, After Every 4 New Joinings in the company The First Person will cycled out from Phase 0 to Phase 1 . 

Next When he moves to Phase 1, System will now allot him 4 referrlas in auto pilot mode  from here onwards till completion of cycle.

This Cycle will repeat unlimited time & you will make 1 btc again & again every time you complete the matrix.

Re Entries are placed in the same Phase up to Phase 4  for speed cycling & More Earnings.

From Phase 5,  New Entries are automatically placed in Small Matrix Plan 2.

* We Keeps Cost very minimal so that everyone can afford to pay .*

* 4 Direct Referrals are compulsory  to Earn cycling income from Phase 5 onwards( Plan 1 )**

Its Time To Get Started & To Receive Your Part of This Amazing Opportunity

After You Complete Phase 5, Your 1 Entry will be placed

automatically in Plan 2 in Below Matrix


After You Complete Level 3, Your 1 Entry will be placed

automatically in Plan 3 in Below Matrix


After You Complete Zone 2, Your 1 Entry will be placed

automatically in Plan 4 in Below Matrix


After You Complete Booster , Your 1 Entry will be placed

automatically in Plan 2 

 We Use Coinpayment gateway For 

 Faster and quickwithdrawl

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Latest News
How Single Line Matrix Works :

Everyone Joins by paying some amount and gets a position in the line . Now After every 4 new joinings in the company first persons cycled out to next level and others move forward. Like wise the system continuous.

Now if new persons did not join, so members next in line will not get cycled out & system comes to halt.

So its very important that we all must share the system in facebook, google, whatsapp,instagram, & other cla... 2017-08-12

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